I’m fascinated by rhythm, fluidity, and fidelity. My degree is in electrical engineering with a specialization in electromagnetism, and my curiosity and entrepreneurship have taken me into many domains.


As an options trader and portfolio manager I'm immersed in the art of decision making under volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity.


I use data science to study emergent network behavior and enjoy synthesizing dynamic processes into interdependencies and feedback loops.


Volatility and Flowing with Change

Objective: Starting from first principles of uncertainty, why one should invest with a long volatility profile amid increasing systemic...

Musical Explorations

This is a place for my rhythmic experimentation. It is not my intention to simply do "covers" of songs. I play along with songs I'm very familiar with as well as songs I'm hearing for the first time to improve my listening and improvisation. I like to make practice musical, so I often play with new ideas or techniques within a rhythmic framework provided by a song.

I often get insight from real-time neurofeedback with an EEG that I occasionally wear while playing.